white1 W1S1 [waıt] adj
6 a white Christmas
[: Old English; Origin: hwit]
1.) ¦(COLOUR)¦
having the colour of milk, salt, or snow
a white dress
pure/snow white
(=completely white)
snow white hair
2.) ¦(PEOPLE)¦
a) belonging to the race of people with pale skin
young white males
b) relating to white people
a white neighborhood
3.) ¦(PALE)¦
looking pale, because of illness, strong emotion etc
Are you OK? You're white as a sheet (=extremely pale) .
white with anger/fear etc
Her voice shook, and her face was white with anger.
4.) ¦(COFFEE)¦ [usually before noun]
BrE white coffee has milk or cream in it
5.) ¦(WINE)¦
white wine is a pale yellow colour
6.) a white Christmas
a Christmas when there is snow
>whiteness n [U]
white 2
white2 S3 n
6 whites
1.) ¦(COLOUR)¦[U]
the colour of milk, salt, and snow
2.) ¦(PEOPLE)¦ also White
someone who belongs to the race of people with pale skin
The mayor is very popular among whites.
3.) ¦(WINE)¦ [U and C]
wine that is pale yellow in colour
a nice bottle of white
California has some of the finest whites in the world.
4.) ¦(EYE)¦ [C + of]
the white part of your eye
eggcup, ↑shell, ↑white, ↑yolk
5.) ¦(EGG)¦ [U and C]
the part of an egg that surrounds the ↑yolk (=yellow part) and becomes white when cooked
6.) whites [plural]
a) white clothes, sheets etc, which are separated from dark colours when they are washed
b) white clothes that are worn for some sports, such as ↑tennis
white 3
white3 v
white out [white sth<=>out] phr v
to cover something written on paper, especially a mistake, with a special white liquid so that it cannot be seen any more

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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